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Higher Visions Publishing presents their first book

A cat's curiosity puts her in danger

A cat’s curiosity puts her in danger


The rabbits flats

The rabbits flats

Molly’s Missing

The first from the Vicky and Dennis series
by John Fyfe this book is aimed at age group between 5-11yrs
This delightful illustrated story, based in a family setting with two children, Vicky 9yrs and Dennis 7rs and their two cats and three rabbits. The adventures of on of the cats, Molly, who’s curiosity, results in her being lost and unfolds a communication between rabbits, faeries and angels.

£8.99 each + £1.30 postage and packing (if you wish to order for overseas please email re postage



1 book £8.99 GBP

Helps children learn emotional intelligence and clearing through breath and EFT

Helps children learn emotional intelligence and clearing through breath and EFT

Dragons Breath and The Magic of Tapping £8.99 + £1.30 postage and packing
The book presents two fairy stories.
In the first story, a dragon called Breeze and a High Priestess teach the children of Peace Valley how to use their breathing to alleviate negative emotions. In the second story, a Fairy Godmother and her dog, Molly, teach the children how to tap on various points on their face and bodies to help release negative emotions. Both stories are brought to life through self-taught artist, Linda Graham’s enchanting illustrations.

The book helps children to learn the easy techniques through these two stories, making the experience positive and fun”. Both women have been complementary therapists for many years and have worked together at the Primary Headteachers Conference for Cambridgeshire schools for the last eight years. The teachers have always responded so positively that they thought it was time to start helping children to learn the techniques too.

Penny and Linda are now offering workshops for primary schools and would like to hear from any teachers or parents interested in finding out more about the techniques, book and workshops so please visit

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