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Meditation is the action of silence.

Krishnamurti (1895 – 1986) wrote meditation is quite simply the best things we can do for ourselves and our spiritual growth. Our souls need silence in the way our bodies need the air we breathe. Because we are bombarded with activity and ‘noise’ in our busy lives, we must actively pursue this silence. We must seek it out and take it in and then we will understand the good that it does for us.

Some people can find to begin with that they find settling down to meditation does not seem to work for them. If you do find you’re struggling to meditate on your own then following a course or attending a one day meditation retreat can really help start your journey.

Our one day meditation retreat is excellent for helping you to detach from the busy mind and allow yourself to let go. During this peaceful day you will have an introduction to meditation. Some understandings of what can work for you. We will show you how to measure your progress. As the day unfolds you will find yourself slowly unwinding the tension within and you will be able to take time just for you. Take three deep breaths right now and imagine you had the whole day in front of you to chill and be still. Does that sound like something you need?
Taking time for you is so important and everything that you do following this will benefit as you will have a more relaxed and calm approach to all situations in your life.

The busier you are in your life the more important it is that you take time out for yourself to replenish your inner resources. Are you ready to begin your journey of calm and inner balance?

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