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One day Retreat

Cherry Bank Farm
Coombe Rd,
RG2 06RD

Here in tranquil settings, away from the usual vibrations of buildings, electricity, noise and general day to day bustle, you can find peace within.  We constantly live amidst a flow of electro magnetic fruequencies, EMF’S. This retreat will give you a chance to completely cleanse your aura from EMF’S, and chakras and join with like minded others  for an awakening journey.

During this day of retreat we will spend much of the day under the pale canvas of a lovely bell tent.  This will give you a chance not only to cleanse your system, you will also realign with the earth energies as you absorb the teachings and meditations from the day.  You will be given keys to be able to activate the peace of the day once you are back in the hustle and bustle of life. We will start and finish the day with meditation journeys with your guides and personal angel.

The day will flow organically however will include:
Drumming (bring a drum if you have one)
Surrender Meditation
Nadis and Awareness
Runes and cards
Connecting with your personal angel
Walking meditation
Law of Attraction
Law of attraction meditation

There will be delicious vegetarian/vegan lunch and refreshments served throughout the day.
We will also enjoy wonderful refreshments and a delicious lunch served alfresco, weather permitting, or in tranquil shelter in the grounds.
There are limited spaces for this day and the charge will be only £87.77  Please book early to avoid disappointment. 

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