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Spiritual Courses and Guest Teachers

We reach a stage in life where we really want to know more about the Divine and the higher realms. We feel an urge within to connect with the spiritual side of our nature and to understand spirituality in a deeper way. You are an amazing child of the universe and there is a need within to understand the whole of the self.

Higher Visions Development Courses

There are several levels to our spiritual development courses. If you are just beginning your spiritual journey and feel there must be something more to our lives and existence then you need our level 1 basic course.

Level 1

 Development on a one day course covers an introduction to meditation, the human energy field, protection, chakras, breathing and your angelic guidance.

Level 2

 Development on a one day course covers more meditation, walking meditation, aura cleansing, chakra clearing, space clearing, signs and symbols, understanding of colour vibration, mindfulness, mantra’s, psychometry and group discussion.

Level 3

Development on a one day course covers living your life as a meditation, the value of silence, creativity using pastels, channelling, psychic ability, mantra’s, finding your nine medicine totem animals, the shamanic way, being of service to others and group discussion.


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