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Wedding Blessings

In our world of choices we can have the Wedding that really suits our individual desires. So many people are now beginning to opt for Wedding Blessings for many different reasons.

Whatever your reasons are the start towards your ultimate wedding begins with a consultation with Spiritual Teacher Linda Graham.  Linda will hear your story of how you met and how love blossomed for you both. Once she has gathered the information she needs, using her intuitive understanding and deeply spiritual experience , Linda will write a blessing for you.

This can incorporate any poems, readings or music that you wish.  All the different options will be thoroughly discussed and there will be several meetings to establish that everything meets your approval.

The blessing can be performed anywhere and once the place is established, Linda will work closely with you to help orchestrate the day so that you are relaxed for this special celebration.

It is important to mention that these blessings are not legally recognised so most couples arrange, with a couple of witness’s to get married in a registry office the day before.

The blessing Linda Graham performs is the one that everyone comes along to share your special celebration of love.

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Wedding Blessings


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