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Our healing team offer their time on a voluntary basis to give healing to people who are suffering with life threatening illness.  We also offer support for their loved ones and sometimes just by listening we can really help.  By invitation we visit the patient in hospital or at home and give healing to them.  There is no charge for this however we do invite donations as that helps to cover our costs and helps to further our work.

The team initially consisted of Reiki/Seichem Master Linda Graham and a selected few.  In 2009 Linda was asked by her friend to give healing to their little boy who was very ill in Addenbrookes hospital in Cambridge. At the same time she gave support to the parents giving them time to talk about the harrowing journey. Linda was able to give them a fresh perspective to look at.  An amazing change came about and the little boy began a long road of the recovery that looked unlikely to happen. Against all odds he is now back at school. Needless to say other parents began to ask Linda and her team to help their children.

During this time Linda could see that there was a great need in the hospitals for additional support to the medical treatments.  Reiki strengthens the body and vibrations and works in harmony with western medicine.  Linda could also see that the overworked staff did not have the time to be much support to the loved ones.
Thus the healing team idea grew.  Today it grows in reality.

We do not claim to be able to fully heal anyone although we’ve witnessed some amazing results.  Our objectives are to work in co-creation giving healing to the highest wishes of the recipient.  Whatever the outcome, the healing we channel to the patient helps to ease their journey and bring calmness to their loved ones.
We are continuously adding new members to our healing team.  Each team member must be qualified in alternative healing.  Most of the team will have completed Reiki 1 and 2 healing courses with Higher Visions and will have been an insured practitioner for at least 3 months.

If you are interested in joining our healing team please contact us here…

Healers list and contact details:

Linda Graham ~ Oxfordshire
Founder of Higher Visions

• Reiki/Seichem Master Teacher
• Mindfulness Teacher
• Astrologer
• Clairvoyant
• Clairaudient
• Clairsensient
• Spiritual Teacher
• Spiritual Artist/Teacher

07916 298703

Angela Hahn ~ Bury St Edmunds
Founder of The School of Angelic Healing

• Reiki Master
• Spiritual Teacher
• Angelic Healing
• The Power of Clearing (highly recommended)


Damian Saul ~ Thailand

• Reiki/Seichem Master
• Spiritual Teacher
• Didgeridoo performer
• Photographic art

Linda Pigott ~ Kings Lynn

• Reiki 2 Healing

01553 671144/07770681539

Josie Remzi ~ Cambridgeshireshire

• Reiki 2 Healing
• Hypnotherapy
• Counselling Psychologist


Linda Johnson ~ Lavenham


Amasheela (Jo Buchanan)

• Rainbow Bridge Channel
• Healing with Flowers
• Reiki & Seichem Master
• Healing for Individuals and Groups by appointment

01359 230343/07980 972912

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