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Welcome from Higher Visions

Higher Visions is a non profit self development community support network. Oxfordshire Spiritual Awakening Group

Our organisation was set up in 1990 by Spiritual teacher Linda Graham after she had a series of visions about the earths awakening. Our objectives are to be a support to those in the community who are experiencing problems in life’s course. We especially focus on those who are either seeking to raise their vibrations or are already experiencing the awakening. This can be a daunting time for those who are already on the path as they can feel extremely disoriented by everyday occurrences.

Check out Linda Graham on Youtube sharing her awakening journey

For those seeking a higher spiritual experience. Higher Visions can gives you support and guidance about how to advance in a grounded calm approach.

We hold monthly meetings covering a wide range of subjects that includes meditation, protection, cleansing, angelic realms, tai chi and much more besides. In our community support we also have a team of healers who voluntarily offer healing to very sick children and support for the family. We run workshops and courses for self development.
PLEASE NOTE during CORONAVIRUS lock down, all gatherings and workshops are postponed until further notice

The cost of the courses varies and helps to fund the free work we do in the community.

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